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Truck N' Buddy- Black

Credits to Camping World

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Truck N' Buddy- Black Review

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Truck N' Buddy- Black Description

The Truck' N Buddy creates a whole new world of possibilities and conveniences for "pickup truck owners-a step up for aging pets, a step up for aging truck owners, a perfect seat for hunters, for sporting clay shooters, for NASCAR and football "tailgaters", for camping, for farmers, ranchers and for comfortably handling miscellaneous work. Do you have a flatbed truck or equipment trailer? Don't struggle to access them any longer. The Truck N' Buddy will make entering and exiting convenient for you. The Truck N' Buddy attaches to the tailgate of standard pickup trucks, to the floor of equipment trailers and flatbed trucks. The maximum weight capacity is 300 lb. It is constructed of aircraft aluminum, weighs only 16 lbs. and stores compactly out-of-the-way on the tailgate itself. The Truck N' Buddy folds and unfolds effortlessly in seconds to do the job at hand. The Truck N' Buddy's step / seat platform is supported by 1700 lb. test cables and has built-in traction ridges for sure footing. It also features a handy 18" grab-rail to insure safe entry onto the truck or trailer. Vehicles this item will fit: Ford F-150; Cheverolet Silverado; GMC Sierra; Dodge Ram; Toyota Tundra; Ford F-250; Cheverolet Duramax; Toyota Tacoma; Nissan Titan; Honda Ridgeline; Suzuki Equator; Cheverolet Avalanche; Escalade EXT This item can be mounted on any truck with a solid metal tailgate. It can also be mounted on the floor of a flatbed equipment trailer for side access. It can also be mounted on the back of a flatbed truck to help you step up onto the truck bed. This product comes with mounting instructions to help you mount the Truck N Buddy onto your truck or trailer. Please note: If your truck or trailer is not listed above, but has a solid metal tailgate or flat solid metal surface for mounting that is equal to the size and dimensions of the Truck N Buddy, this item will fit your truck or trailer. Truckin BuddywistiaEmbed = Wistia. embed ("jzk8aet562", ( videoFoam: true) ) ;