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Crystal ICT (1 to 199 students)

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Crystal ICT (1 to 199 students) Review

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Crystal ICT (1 to 199 students) Description

Crystal ICT is an outstanding online service designed to provide a comprehensive solution for elementary technology and STEM. Crystal ICT covers important skills and curriculum areas including problem solving, decision making, ordering, classification, spatial awareness, modelling, control, creating a multimedia piece, databases, branching databases, graphs and charts , and e safety. The immersive adventures will motivate and focus your children Interactive tutorials to help develop important ICT skills Supporting classroom guide with printable and downloadable lesson plans and resources Clip Art included Profcasts from the rainforest with supporting material Quick and progressive Sherdoku activities that are great for wet playtimes A subscription gives you 24/7 access and there is no extra charge for student access at home.