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Capo SC Bib Shorts BoB, M

Credits to Backcountry

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Capo SC Bib Shorts BoB, M Review

Capo SC Bib Shorts BoB, M is just awesome. For 199.95, it's unachievable compression shorts.

Capo SC Bib Shorts BoB, M Description

As cyclists, we often get caught up in the bib shorts arms race, insisting on lining up at the start line with nothing but the newest, best, most superlative kit from the biggest names in manufacturing. Of course, this also often means that our race day apparel also has a superlative cost. Capo's SC Bib Shorts appeal because of their ability to feel like race-tier shorts without the race-tier price tag, making them ideal for cyclists who, like us, don't want to take a significant hit in quality on our training shorts but aren't keen on stocking two or more pairs of $500 bibs in the closet. The SC Bib Shorts follow the contoured construction seen in Capo's top-shelf shorts while simplifying things a bit. There are eight panels rather than 10 (or more) , and the bib straps are a more traditional lightweight and breathable mesh than the lie-flat straps on our race kit. The legs are constructed from a high-gauge (HG) Lycra, so they feel dense and substantial, providing muscle compression for greater comfort. Rather than use a traditional gripper on the leg cuff, the SC utilizes a wide, doubled-over layer of laser-cut HG Lycra with a light silicone treatment on the underside. The generous width of the band makes the grip gentle, while the two layers limit stretch and thus hold onto your legs no matter how much they move. The SC bib short is embedded with Capo's Anatomic-DP Carbon Elastic Interface Technology (EIT) Insert. It uses high-density open-cell foam that's been bonded to an antimicrobial microfiber layer. This layer features antimicrobial carbon fiber threads that have been woven through it in order to aid in moisture evaporation. In addition to the slim, movement-freeing shape, there are also 6mm- and 8mm-thick pads that are built into the pre-curved profile. Together, these segments work to optimize support on long rides.