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Capo Padrone Thermal Jacket - Men's Black, M

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Capo Padrone Thermal Jacket - Men's Black, M Review

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Capo Padrone Thermal Jacket - Men's Black, M Description

Let's get the obligatory translation out of the way immediately: in English, the Italian padrone means master. This is an appropriate name for the Capo Padrone Thermal Jacket because, through its combination of fit and materials, it masters all inclement weather conditions. Or it empowers you as the master of your own cycling destiny. Or it's the top dog of winter cycling jackets. Or, as one ride in winter yuck will convince you, maybe it's all of the above. The Padrone Jacket combines two element-resistant membranes, Shark and Windtex, with the insulating powers of stretchy Super Roubaix Carbon. Shark Membrane is as tough as its namesake's skin. It has a stern exterior face to fend off wind chill, but its lining is a heavily insulating brushed fleece, so it's soft and warm against your skin or base layer. Windtex is a three layer membrane, but not in the bulky parka kinda way. Its layers are compressed and non-bulky, defeating wind and water while insulating and affording a compressive but accommodating stretch. The Super Roubaix Carbon is lightweight and stretchy, so it's used to provide insulation in areas that don't need extra elemental protection, benefit from the increased give, and are even prime locations for venting excess heat. All three materials exhibit strong wicking properties. As the representative from Capo's G. S. (Gruppo Sportivo) line, The Padrone Jacket is the top-end of Capo's cold-weather gear. Every aspect of its design -- from the above listed fabrics to the multi-panel construction to its color and aesthetic highlights -- is intended for use by the top cyclists in the world. Of course, even if you're not dropping Tommeke on the stones or Contador in the mountains, you can still appreciate the Padrone's compressive yet free-moving design, unparalleled moisture-wicking, anti-odor properties, bacterial resistance, and precise temperature management. Capo recommends the Padrone for mastering temperatures ranging from 30 to 50 degrees Fahren...