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1994 S-Mint Prestige Proof Set

Credits to HSN

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1994 S-Mint Prestige Proof Set Review

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1994 S-Mint Prestige Proof Set Description

1994 S-Mint Prestige Proof Set Commemorate an important event, celebrate an anniversary or just surprise your favorite collector with this prestige proof set. This set features all the circulating coins from its year of mintage, plus that year's commemorative silver dollar coin and clad half dollar coin, all in stunning proof condition. This set comes in its original packaging from the U.S. Mint and makes a wonderful gift. What You Get 1994 San Francisco prestige proof set (contains the penny, nickel, dime, quarter and half dollar coins for this year, plus the 1994 World Cup Soccer Commemorative Silver Dollar and Half Dollar) Good to Know